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Divine Stone

  Raised with Jamaican love and molded by loving hearts, I have learnt to love myself for who I am, and how I am. The perception we have of ourselves matters more than the incomplete imagery others share, has been one of the most empowering lessons I have been taught growing up. 


  Aspiring to be a creative of some sort, I have never known exactly what I wanted to hone my skills towards until I held my first DSLR camera. Majoring in Advertising at OCADU, I have applied years of design theory and techniques to build my photographic storytelling to develop the majority of my photographic style. With a key component missing I had never found my photographic niche for the past 4 years, I lacked the pride of an artist until I found you.


  Driven by an aspiration to make every photoshoot unique, I have chosen to make you the independent variable. Tailoring each photoshoot to compliment your style, smile and beauty, I want to ensure you are the star and I the shine. I wish only to bring out the best of you!


  I believe it is important to create photos you will love, appreciate and see yourself in, instead of technically flawless pictures that everyone but you will enjoy. Rather than working around you or for you, I find it important to work with you and include you in the process of planning, shooting and editing your pictures to make art we can both be proud of.


"It is my duty as a photographer to ensure you see yourself in the final images."


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